St Vincent De Paul Society, Sydney

St Vincent De Paul Society moved into their new regional offices in western Sydney.

Despite the glass being a tinted grey, and internal blinds, a number of staff complained about the uncomfortable heat gain coming through the windows.

Due to the limitations of the base building air-conditioning system, and following consultation with Blue Green engineering, the charity considered installing IQue™ window film engineered by V-KOOL® . This is designed to cut out the radiant heat without changing the look of the glass

Our 73FG was selected initially to be installed on the eastern facade and part of the northern facade.  Having confirmed that the film was doing the job required, it was later installed on the western facade that included most reception area windows.

St Vincent De Paul Society also has a network of charity shops around Sydney.

73FG was again selected by the Property Asset Manager for selected retail locations.  Typically direct sunlight caused considerable heat gain that increased power consumption and put strain on the air conditioning plant resulting in early replacement. It also resulted in discomfort to occupants and fading to display window contents.  Again because of its clear low reflective look it was able to solve this problem as it reduced the need for a costly awning and at the same time didn’t make the glass dark or reflective, allowing customers a clear view of the merchandise on display.

We are proud of our association with the St Vincent De Paul Society, and look forward to helping them again in the future.