Building owners are sometimes unable to enjoy the benefits derived from glass windows coating films due to the following constraints:

  • Natural attributes of laminated, IGUs – (Insulated glass units – double/ triple pane insulating units), low-e or wired glass systems
  • Limited access to skylight glass façades
  • Limited access from within the building

Specially engineered to provide high protection from heat, glare and harmful ultra-violet rays, IQueTM 73FGX films are designed for external application to buildings where indoor film retrofit is not a viable option for building owners.73FGX is also an ideal solution in temperate climates where low-e windows are commonly used to maintain the interior heat in the winter and to protect occupants from outside heat in the summer.

Product Specifications 73FGX
Visible Light Transmission 70.0%
Visible Light Reflectance,exterior 10.0%
Visible Light Reflectance,interior 9.0%
Ultra-Violet Rejection 99.0%
Infra-Red Rejection 91.0%
Solar Direct Transmission 35.0%
Solar Direct Reflectance 42.0%
Solar Direct Absorption 21.0%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 59.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.48