IQue™ Spectrally Selective films are the perfect way to match light visibility and heat control to the unique configuration of your home or workspace. Spectrally Selective films offer options for greater flexibility in addressing your need to control solar heat, glare and transmission of visible light .

The IQue™ 73FG film, originally developed for the US space and military program and now adapted for commercial use, features a 94% rejection of infra-red and a 99% rejection of ultra-violet spectrum while allowing 70% of visible light transmission. This makes it ideal for areas that require a high amount of clarity while preventing the least amount of heat to penetrate the interior.

Among the many commercial applications of 73FG are retail outlets, penthouses, atria and air control towers, essentially places where optimal heat rejection and maximum clarity is required.


Product Specifications
Colour Neutral
Visible Light Transmission 70.0%
Visible Light Reflectance (Glass) 8.0%
Visible Light Reflectance (Film) 10.3%
Ultra-Violet Rejection 99.0%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 56.0%
Infra-Red Rejection 95.0%
Luminous Efficacy 1.37
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.44
Shading Coefficient 0.51
Emissivity 0.60
U-Value (btu/h.ft2.F) 0.94
U-Value (W/m2.K) 5.35
Glare Reduction 0.21
Source Spring (73FG)


The IQue 78FG film is a full-fledged Spectrally Selective coating with good solar heat rejection properties and yet still offers an amazingly clear view. The key advantage that 78FG offers is its high visible/ natural light transmission which most architects prefer for architectural applications. Applications for 78FG include windows for retail shop fronts, restaurants, art galleries and residential units where very high light transmission is required.


Product Specifications
Colour Neutral
Visible Light Transmission 77.0%
Visible Light Reflectance (Glass) 9.5%
Visible Light Reflectance (Film) 12.1%
Ultra-Violet Rejection 99.0%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 45.0%
Infra-Red Rejection 77.0%
Luminous Efficacy 1.22
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.55
Shading Coefficient 0.63
Emissivity 0.56
U-Value (btu/h.ft2.F) 0.96
U-Value (W/m2.K) 5.45
Glare Reduction 0.13
Source Spring (VK75)


The IQue 53G11 film is the Spectrally Selective variant that offers a glare control advantage over the typical conventional series films in the market. With a high infra-red rejection of 96%, 53G11 is the ideal choice when you want to control the amount of glare that enters an area.


Product Specifications
Colour Green
Visible Light Transmission 58.0%
Visible Light Reflectance (Glass) 7.0%
Visible Light Reflectance (Film)
Ultra-Violet Rejection 99.0%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 59.0%
Infra-Red Rejection 96.0%
Luminous Efficacy 1.23
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.39
Shading Coefficient 0.45
Emissivity 0.856
U-Value (btu/h.ft2.F) 1.03
U-Value (W/m2.K) 5.4
Glare Reduction 0.42
Source Spring (53G11)