Tips and Facts

Mastering IQueTM Film Technology

Conquering the heat while maintaining an eco-friendly “green” home or workplace might seem an impossible reality given today’s changing climate. Too often, you spend a lot on energy costs just to maintain a cool temperature inside your house while unknowingly increasing your carbon-emission footprint on the environment.

IQueTM films engineered with V-KOOL® technology, now allows you to achieve a cooler home while generating savings with ease. With its solar and glare control technology, IQue gives you an advantage of intelligently taking control of the heat entering your space. With less indoor heat, this means less energy spent making it cooler and more savings for you.

So read up on our facts, learn our tips and achieve that environmentally friendly place that you can truly be proud of.

Fact #1: Infra-Red Radiation is Heat Radiation

  • The infra-red radiation that comes from the sun is the one wavelength that increases the heat level of any object that it strikes.
  • Glass windows permit the infra-red to enter a space, making it heat up faster.
  • Air-conditioning rooms with large, clear windows end up costing more energy since it is constantly bombarded and heated up by infrared rays.

Tip #1: With IQue, IR means “instantly reject.”

Applying IQue films on your window glass is the best way to reject infra-red rays and lower the heat. With its patented technology, IQue films offer an unparalleled level of infra-red reflectivity, as high as 98%, to instantly reject these solar rays from penetrating into a given space. The result – less heat buildup in the area protected by IQue films.

Fact #2: Ultra-violet rays burn

  • Ultra-violet radiation is invisible to the eye and one of the most harmful of the sun’s rays.
  • Sunburn and heat are some of the most common effects of ultra-violet rays.
  • Ultra-violet rays can penetrate your home through glass windows.

Tip #2: Sunscreen lotion for your skin, IQue films for your windows

IQue films works just like sunscreen on your skin, protecting you constantly from the damage caused by ultra-violet rays. With as high as 99% ultra-violet rejection, IQue films prevent the UV rays from penetrating your homes or office through the glass. Heat level and build up is greatly reduced within the IQue protected space. So come Summer time, or even throughout the year, it is best to be protected from UV with IQue.

Fact #3: Don’t play the losing game with solar heat gain

  • Solar heat gain refers to the increase in temperature in a space, object or structure because of solar radiation.
  • Objects absorb sunlight and convert the energy into heat.
  • Re-radiated heat from objects increases temperature in the surrounding space – also known as the greenhouse effect.
  • Even with air-conditioning, objects will continue to absorb sunlight and radiate heat, making it more difficult to cool down a room.

Tip #3: Less is more with IQue

Less solar heat gain means more energy savings with IQue films. With a solar heat gain and shading coefficients of less than one in most variants, IQue films drastically lessens and controls the amount of heat buildup in objects in a room while still letting in visible light. As a result, one can easily cool down a space using less energy through minimal air-conditioning.