Automotive Benefits

The Right Choice

No Compromise on Night Vision

It lets an unmatched 73.2% of visible light while it keeps out an unparalleled 94% of infra-red heat

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Greatly diminishes solar heat build-up in the car cabin, thereby reducing air-conditioning load and improving fuel efficiency

Shatter Resistance

Enhances driving safety by improving the shatter resistance of the window.

Cooler Cabins

The metals embedded in a V-KOOL® coating continually reflect away infra-red radiation. This means that your car cools down substantially. And because V-KOOL® works on the principal of reflection and not absorption, your car cabin stays cool throughout your drive.

Legal Layer

Complies fully with local regulations. Tested by world renowned institutes and laboratories to its stated performance.

Is The Film A Private-Labelled Brand?


More often than not, you will find films in the market that are 3rd and 4th party private-labels. This means conventional and lesser performing films repackaged and sold as high performance spectrally-selective film. Many merchants have claimed that they offer similar to V-KOOL® products at lower prices. The truth is, quality and performance in films, never come cheap. You pay for what you get and sometimes even that is not so … cheap conventional films have often been sold at premium prices.

Trust a reputable and international brand like V-KOOL® that is franchised in over 25 countries, and can be found in 300 outlets worldwide. V-KOOL® is in the business of energy conservation and heat control for both the auto and architectural industry. Be wary of private-labels and labels that make claims that are too good to be true.

In 1999, Popular Science magazine awarded the technology as one of the Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium, alongside inventions such as the telephone and the internet, for its energy saving property. At a Desert Test programme conducted by Southwall Technologies, Visteon Corporation and the US Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Laboratory, it was found that a V-KOOL®/XIR coated car improves fuel economy by 3%. Also, in terms of passenger comfort levels, V-KOOL®/XIR coated car improves comfort level by 20%-25% faster than other cars with just standard tinted glass.

Ask For Performance Tests

Proven & Tested Performance

Most companies that deal in window films would have standard tests done to their products to confirm its specifications. Ensure that you get for what you pay for rather than what is written on the brochure!

Ultimately your reason to spend on heat control films is to cut down heat that is coming through your windows. Reputable companies would go that extra mile to prove this to you. V-KOOL® technology has been tested by Curtin University to show that it reduces cabin temperature by 10 to 12 degrees after parked under the sun for 5 hours. V-KOOL® technology has also been tested and found to reduce fuel consumption by 3% due to lower air-conditioning running cost.