t takes a Breakthrough for people to finally see CLEARLY

Advanced TechnologyThe V-KOOL® Spectrally Selective Technology was built upon research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the 1970s, when it started out humbly as a transparent energy conservation film. A significant breakthrough in surface and particle Science later led to the development of this V-KOOL®’s patented and proprietary technology and subsequently the spectrally selective coatings.

Being the world’s first and only spectrally selective window coating that provides a virtually transparent protective barrier against the sun’s heat and radiation for automotive and architectural applications, V-KOOL® stormed the window film industry, and in 1999, it was voted by the world largest Science and Technology Magazine, Popular Science, as one of the Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium, alongside other inventions such as the computer, canned food, the Internet, air- conditioning system and telephone, marking international recognition of the product.viewpic

Unlike conventional solar control materials which absor
b and re-radiate heat, V-KOOL®combines high performance solar control with high visible light transmission. Our “intelligent” window coating allows over 70% light transmission, and blocks out 94% and 99% infra-red and ultra-violet rays respectively, without impeding clarity and visibility, day or night.

These intelligent spectrally selective coatings are now marketed under V-KOOL® Solitaire and Stature.


V-KOOL® was originally developed for America’s Space and Defense programs. It works through a patented process known as sputtering in which tiny particles of exotic metals are embedded in optically clear, durable polyester film. We use a durable pressure-sensitive adhesive to adhere to the glass and on the other side is a durable scratch resistant coating to ensure a long life.

Making it Happen

Our films are manufactured at Southwall Technologies’ plant at Dresden, Germany, tapping on a complex sputter-metallized, multi-layered dielectric coating process. This process involves the use of the State-of-the-Art Multi-chamber DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine, which cost an investment of USD24million each. With these, multi-layers of metallic coatings of thickness even less than a hairline are embedded onto the world’s top 1% grade of optically-clear and durable polyester film.

DC Magnetron Sputtering Machine

Under the watchful eye and accurate control of development engineers, this machine can create complex multi-layer thin coatings of metallic substances, such as silver. In-process monitoring ensures complete adherence to product specifications.

Positively charged ions, attracted by the strong negative voltage of the target material, strike the target with such force that surface atoms of the target material are physically dislodged. The ejected high-energy target atoms bond to the substrate, forming coating layers with precisely controlled properties.

Spectrum Graph

V-KOOL® is spectrally selective and allows in 73% Visible Light, while blocking over 90% infrared spectrum. This means your window remains Visibly Clear but cuts out 55% of the Solar Heat. No other product can match V-KOOL®’s performance. When applied to your windows, V-KOOL® forms a virtually clear barrier. That means less need for expensive air conditioning and electric lighting, making V-KOOL® a great way to help control soaring energy costs.




Awards & Accolades

ISO 9001:2000, Registrar of Standards (Holdings) Limited

V-KOOL® was awarded the International Organization for standardization 9001:2000. It is recognition that V-KOOL® has met the standards of quality service.

Consumer and Best Buy Award, 1994, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research

V-KOOL® was awarded the “Consumer and Best Buy Award” in 1994 by the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research.

Popular Science Logo

Top 100 Inventions of Millennium, 1999, Popular Science, USA

World’s largest Science & Technology magazine, Popular Science, voted V-KOOL® Technology as one of the top inventions of the millennium for its energy saving capability. Other top inventions voted alongside V-KOOL® technology were the air conditioning, Internet, plumbing system, refrigerator and the computer etc.

Consumer Best Buy Award, 1999, Taiwan Consumer Association

The Taiwan Consumer Association awarded V-KOOL®, the Gold Prize in the Consumer Best Buy Award in 1999.

EnergyStar Logo

Energy Star Ally, 2000, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded V-KOOL® with the prestigious Energy Star Buildings Ally. This highly exclusive marque is awarded to technologies that make a significant contribution in reducing energy consumption at a global level and thereby reducing air pollution and emissions. V-KOOL® has since helped numerous corporations and buildings around the world in being more energy efficient.

Asia Star Award, 2000, Packaging Council of Singapore & Singapore Confederation of Industries with Asian Packaging Federation

The Asian Packaging of Singapore awarded V-KOOL®, the Asia Star Award for its direct mailer, which is targeted at the architectural sector. This award is given to companies whom have developed creative and unique packaging for their products as part of the marketing activities done by the company.

Superbrands Singapore 2002/2003

In recognition of brand excellence and potential of the brand, V-KOOL® was awarded as a Superbrand in 2002, joining the likes of Cola-Cola and Citibank.

Singapore Promising Brand Award 2002 & 2004

Singapore Promising Brand Award is established to recognize Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who have shown outstanding performance in the communication of their brand. V-KOOL® was awarded this prestigious honor in 2002 and again in 2004.

Today’s Facility Manager (TFM), 2003 Readers’ Choice Awards, Window Film Category, USA

V-KOOL® was voted as one of the winners in Today’s Facility Manager (TFM), 2003 Readers’ Choice Awards, in the Window Film category. Over 7,500 readers were asked in an independent, online survey conducted by, to select their preferred vendors. TFM readers selected 112 winners in 56 product and service categories including interior furnishings, lighting, security, safety, software, FM services, and building materials.

Singapore Book of Records, 2005

In the 1st edition of the Singapore Book of Records in 2005, V-KOOL® was named as “Franchise for the Only Spectrally-Selective Window Film”. Singapore Book of Records records every Singaporean or Singapore business that has broken out of the extraordinary to be different in various aspects of life.

Top 10 Window Film Brands, 2005, China

Web surfers voted V-KOOL® as one of the Top 10 Window Film Brands in 2005 on the Chinese site, , which is the nation’s largest auto accessories site.